Why Keeping Your Food Fresh Is Important For Any Business

If you run any commercial business selling fresh food to the public, you will know that the public wants exactly that “Fresh food”. Simply put the competition is too hot these days to sell food that looks like it has been sat on sale in the cabinet for days and is beginning to look jaded. It just will not sell if it does not look fresh, which results in your wastage level increasing, which in turn will result in your profits dropping. So how do you go about keeping your food fresh?

Well keeping it properly refrigerated and hydrated is one thing, however have you considered vacuum packing your food? Many large scale operations such as supermarkets readily vacuum pack large amounts of the garden cup fresh food that they sell to prolong its shelf life and increase the chances of it selling, and hence reduce their overall wastage. So if large businesses vacuum pack their foods then why not consider doing the same? As if it works for a large supermarket then why can it not work for your small business as well?

Investing in a vacuum packing operation for your business, whilst needing some financial investment, can prove a godsend in terms of reducing the levels of wastage and unsold stock that you may currently be experiencing. Yet you may be surprised at just how little you will have to invest in order to start vacuum packing your food as from a little over £300 you can get a simple tabletop vacuum packing machine to start packing your food in.

At this price point it makes it highly affordable to many small businesses, particularly given the fact that your food will be able to have an increased shelf life and your wastage levels should be greatly reduced. Indeed you may find this investment can pay for itself in just a few weeks by reducing the amount of unsold food that you have to write off.

You can actually use a vacuum packing machine to increase sales of your food as custom made vacuum bags are now available in various shapes and sizes that can be pre-printed with your company logo as well as the description of the food and a list of the ingredients, thus making it simple for you to present your food in a far more professional looking way to your buying public. So not only may vacuum packing your food improve its shelf life, but you can actually make it look better at the same time and use the packaging to build your brand.