What Is Social Networking Lead Generation?

Social Networking has become so popular nowadays that it is now inextricably intertwined into our daily lives. This is evident when you see two people (especially young people under 35) meet for the first time. One of the first way they would get to know one another is to enquire on each other’s Facebook or Twitter status through questions such as, “Are you on Facebook?” or some other closely related variation. It seems like everyone is in one social networking site or the other. Now, in the online marketing business, what if we could make this wonderful technology work to our advantage? That’s where lead generation through social media comes in.

When business enterprises use these social networking websites for marketing and gathering customer profiles and details, it is referred to as Social networking Lead generation. This is a fairly new strategy but it has proved highly effective in the recent past.

So, how exactly do companies generate leads through these networks? This is best understood by constructing a scenario. Let’s say you have a company and you want to generate maximum leads so that you will be able to sell your products and services to as wide an audience as possible. The following are some of the steps that you, as an entrepreneur, would follow to make use of social networks.

First, you will create a profile in a well-known social networking site. organic lead generation facebook and Twitter are the two most prominent today. You will have to take extra precaution while creating your profile because that is the first thing people will see when they visit your page. Try and make your page attractive so that it grabs the attention of your visitors immediately. Next, put up lively photos that depict positive images of you and your company. Then comes the most important part – status updates; update your status regularly with useful information featuring catchy topics. This will generate interest from your prospective clients. You can display an opt-in form on a prominent place on your homepage so that interested clients can contact you for more information. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your leads contacted you instead of the other way round? Opt-in forms are one of the best lead generation strategies available. Offer freebies or free services so that when people sign up, you will have their names and contact details at your disposal.

Next in line comes the popularity of your page. The more followers or ‘likes’ you get the more leads you have. And this in turn means more revenues for your company. So, try to make your page interesting and lively. You may include videos in your page. And if that video goes viral, then you will have virtually endless leads. Social media does not end with Facebook or Twitter. The other mediums include forums, blogs and reviews. The same rules apply for these portals as well.