Tea tree oil face wash is widely used because tea tree oil has got a pleasant an invigorating sense and is famous for its anti-fungal properties. This anti fungal property has made the tea tree oil face wash most suitable as a skin care product.

Killing bacteria and fungus is the primary function while producing Nu Skin 180 face wash any facial wash and using tea tree oil for the base material for the wash as helped in maintaining a good facial appearance free of bacteria and fungus. Tenderness, itching, formation of white and black heads are all prevented.

Being a natural extract, you do not get any irritation or dried out feeling, using it. All fungal infections get healed also. This is because most natural extracts like Aloe Vera sooth inflammations and irritations and help in replenishing moisture and hydration. They also help in healing and repairing dryness, flaking and tightening.

This is particularly helpful, because the epidermis and dermis get affected due to reactions of allergy. For treatment of acne tea tree oil is considered very effective even if it is in acute form. It is also known by the technical name Meleleuca Alterpnifolia and is very effective because of its anti fungal quality. Many beauty products use this oil as the basic ingredient.

The organic tea tree oil can also be used externally for treatment of many ailments of the skin. It is used on the affected part by rubbing it on. Pimples are caused by certain types of bacteria and they are eliminated by its application. It is also used as a constituent part of many brands of mouth wash and is capable of curing ulcer in the mouth and other related ailments. Having a clean face, devoid of pimples etc; is desired by all people. Using a suitable wash will help in curing and preventing infections.

The tree oil and awapuhi is a combination of two ingredients for the treatment of cuts bruises etc. The body apart from the face has to remain clean and an appropriate tree oil body wash may be used. It has properties which are used for the treatment of several infections caused by virus and bacteria. Nail infections, dandruff, eczema, lice are the many infections which most people suffer from and endure them quietly. Such people can get immediate by using a lotion or cream.

As far as acne is concerned it is recognized that it cannot be completely eliminated but acne creams can reduce it to a great extent. Some people may be allergic to its use and may get irritations and rash etc. If it happens immediately stop using it.

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