Sewing and Recycling Sheets Into Beautiful Home Dec Items

Sewing and recycling sheets into beautiful home dec items is a great way to decorate your home on a shoe string budget! It is really fun and easy to do sewing projects.

Recycle old or use new sheets in all of your sewing whether making garments or home dec items.

When you are in the middle of sewing a valance or drapery and you decide to line it, but nothing is suitable or large enough in your “stash,” use the next best thing . . . an old sheet. There is plenty of fabric in a sheet and you are probably never going to use that spotted or torn or stretched out old sheet as a sheet anymore anyway.

Think about recycling some of your old sheets for linings and underlinings, etc. in your garments, too. Use old sheets to sew lots of things from pajamas and skirts to Halloween costumes and ironing board covers.

Sheets are a great source of extra wide fabric and ideal for a lot of home decorating projects too.

In fact, after the kids go back to school, why not redecorate your bedroom and bathroom with some new coordinated decorator sheets you can get when they go on sale. Sew a new shower curtain, window curtains, a table cover, throw pillows, shams, a duvet cover, bed skirt, lampshade cover, tissue box cover, etc. Who knows, you might even want to cover the seat on a vanity stool and decorate some towels with bands of fabric to help tie everything together. The possibilities are endless. These are quick and easy sewing projects. So, try it!

Speaking of kids, how about using sheets to decorate the-beautiful-home the college kids’ dorm rooms? Don’t forget! They always need laundry bags! The guys might love a sports theme.

Expecting a baby? Sew up nursery room items for the new little one. Let the toddlers, juveniles, and teens choose their own themes for their rooms. They love it!

Get creative and sew up some fun!

It just makes sense!

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