Powerful Ways To Increase Your Grip Pinch Strength

Grip pinch strength is not what most people work on when they try to increase their grip strength. They mostly want to show off with a powerful handshake.

But, since you’re here, you must know the true value of working pinch strength. Any pinching action, from holding an envelope to trying to wake yourself up from a dream to lifting a stack of plates, is governed by this strength.

Why is Pinch Strength Important?

Grip pinch strength is important for developing a complete, strong, and healthy grip. Also, it comes in handy if you need to pinch anything really hard.

Crushing, pinching, and opening the hand/fingers are the 3 major actions that your grip does normally. You should work all of them for full grip strength, but also because you want to keep your hand healthy. Strengthening one hand muscle group and not the tri grip weight plate others will not only hinder your progress, but may also cause you some real pain later on.

And I know it’s hard work to work all 3, but that’s life. Rise to the occasion.

Pinching Weight Plates

This is the easiest exercise for grip pinch strength, as far as equipment goes. As far as how hard it will be for you, lets just say it’s normally a humbling experience.

Grab two weight plates at the gym and position them with their flat sides together. Then pinch them together with one hand as hard as you can while lifting them up into the air. Hold that for as long as you can, and then set them down when your grip is starting to wobble and spasm from exhaustion.

Titan’s Telegraph Key

This is a specialized tool for developing grip pinch strength that is made by iron Mind inc., and is really one of the best ways to improve your pinch strength.

As the name implies, this small weight training machine looks like a telegraph, except that it is much larger. Almost like a small seesaw. The top of the telegraph is a metal plate where you put your fingers, and on the other end you stack weights. Then, you put your thumb under it and squeeze the top and bottom of the telegraph together – lifting the weight that you’ve stacked on the other side of the seesaw top half.

While confusing to explain, it is another simple method of working on your grip strength. Pinch the two parts of the telegraph together and just keep adding weight.

How Else Can You Work Your Grip Strength?

Those 2 methods will really improve your grip pinch strength. But only if you put the time and energy into them. If you’re lazy about it – well, you’re just lazy and nothing good will happen.

If you just work your grip for 10-20 minutes, 2-3 times a week, you will be surprised at who much stronger you can make your grip. It’s not easy like eating cake, but it’s simple and defiantly doable.

If you want some more info about improving any kind of grip strength, check out the resources below. If you put in the energy, they will make you much stronger.