Only the Best Sterling Silver Jewelry for Your Loved Ones

A gift that never goes out of style is jewelry. It is good for any and every occasion. It is the perfect gift for anniversaries, a coming-of-age present for your child, and as a token of appreciation for your parents. Jewelry comes in many forms, materials and settings. One of the most beautiful and long lasting types is sterling silver jewelry.

Also called pure silver, sterling silver contains other metals to make it pliable for jewelry. Fine or ninety-nine percent silver is too soft to be silverware and other materials. Aside from being perfect for rings and jewelry, this silver and base metal mix make for fine dinner utensils, too.

Before deciding to spend your hard-earned money on a sterling ring or jewelry, there are factors to consider. One important factor is the percentage of pure silver contained in the jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry contains 92.5% pure silver. Silver coins only need 90%. sterling silver dinner set Look for authenticity trademarks stamped somewhere in the piece. You do not want to pay a lot of money for jewelry that is not silver.

When it comes to design, find a silver sterling ring that is wearable and understated. Some designs tend to be flashy and only matches certain kinds of dresses or occasions. A classic ring is the perfect accessory if it is the right design. Some jewelry pieces can go with casual jeans and fabulous gowns. If possible, use a jeweler’s loop to see if there are flaws in the piece. Examining jewelry closely before buying will save you from wasting your money.

The long lasting property of this silver ring makes it suitable for everyday use. In fact, sterling silver tarnishes faster in storage. This makes it an excellent metal for engagement rings and wedding bands. One of the best things about sterling silver is its affordability. Other precious metals like gold and platinum are too expensive to wear all the time. Most are too fancy and eye-catching and may come off as unrefined when you wear it with the wrong attire or worn at the wrong occasion.

Sterling silver jewelry, however, tarnishes over time. Fine silver does not oxidize like most precious metals such as gold. Its base metal, usually copper, attracts the tarnish. Thankfully, there are ways to keep your sterling silverwares or jewelry in pristine condition. Polishing the pieces regularly keep them shiny. Older pieces in storage may need polishing paste readily available in most jewelry and hardware stores.

When you cannot think of a present to show you care, consider sterling silver jewelry. They are durable, beautiful and effortlessly classy. They last a lifetime if you care for them well enough. Some of them even appreciate over time. Jewelry is not only for women of a certain age. Men and young people appreciate a good piece of jewelry, too. You do not even have to wait for a special occasion. Show your loved one how much you care through jewelry.