Hazelnut has a special place among other nuts with special oil (oleic acid), protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Hazelnut oil is a miracle for the skin and the hair. This oil is used to provide beauty masks and remove hair loss problems and hence these days are widely used. It benefits especially the benefits of Hazelnut oil for hair have been confirmed.

Hazelnut Oil Shampoo is a very good source of vitamins and minerals, and all the nutrients present in it contribute to the feeding of the hair. Massage your hair regularly with it. By delivering nutrients required by the hair, many hair and skin problems will be resolved.

The protein in the Hazelnut oil does not only contribute to the feeding of hair but also contributes to hair growth, along with maintaining its strength and health. This oil can help for hair feeding, growth and moisture content of the hair. Also, it has a large impact on hair follicles and makes the hair stronger. Just rub some oil on your scalp and hair and massage for a few minutes.

By massage, a few drops of Hazelnut oil on the bottom of the hair, end the problem with hair leprosy. The damage will disappear over time and the remains of healthy.


Hazelnut Oil source of Vitamin E

The Hazelnut contains a large amount of vitamin E. This vitamin helps the skin along with the fats for better moisturizing for the hair so it keeps the skin soft and smooth. Skin is clearly visible, and the least sign of fat is not seen anywhere in the skin.

In Hazelnut oil, there are some fatty acids that do important functions for the body. For example, oleic acid in Hazelnut prevents the increase in blood cholesterol (reduces cholesterol to 2.6 %), decreases blood sugar (25 %)and Apoprotein B, which is harmful (at a rate of 7.5 %).

Another useful fatty acid in Hazelnut is Linoleic acid. Linoleic acid has a very important role in the growth and health of organs of the body.

The Hazelnut is a good source of vitamins B1, B2 and B6. These vitamins are essential to maintain brain health, especially for children. Other benefits of vitamin E found in Hazelnut is the prevention of cancer. If the cancer has already been formed in the body, vitamin E can fight cancer cells.