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There are 2 parts to search engine leadership; 1 – good keywords 2 – loads of links pointing to your site. Many experts say that the links are the most important.

Getting links is a multi step process which requires a lot of tedious labor. You need to publicize yourself by submitting site descriptions, articles, videos and other things to many diverse sites. Link generation software makes this process much easier and magnifies your efforts to a great degree.

Link generation methods and related software

1) Submit to Directories

There are directory submission services and there are programs which automate the process of submitting to a directory. The distribution services submit your articles to hundreds of article directories for a reasonable price. This a very convenient method of distribution but there is little control over how many directories are used and the quality of some directories is questionable. Some have indicated that such widespread distribution without any selection of article directories on a quality basis may be treated as spam and reduce the effectiveness of the links generated.

Directory submission software

The programs that automate this process have more or less of the following features:


  • free of any charge
  • efficient in entering your information to a number of directories that you select
  • automatic submission or semi automated to allow you to tweak your entry or enter captcha information
  • allow for rotating titles and descriptions for your site
  • detailed submission reports
  • ability to give each directory a rating so you can keep track of your favorite directories
  • program help and documentation
  • step-by-step video demonstration of the program

2) Write and Submit Articles to Article Sites


Article Submission Programs are similar to directory submission programs but they allow a lot of control of article information and content. Special features include the ability to randomly vary text in the article for each submission, random selection of one of multiple article titles and saving of an author box which can be used from article to article. Some automatically create your login to the article sites and others require you to go to the sites and create a login manually. The programs offer a fully automated mode and a semi automated mode where you can tweak the entry to make it fit the site. It also allows you to choose the best category for the article according to the categories defined by the site.

3) Post Comments in Blogs Related to Your Niche

Blog Finding Software

Google has created a nofollow attribute so that certain disavow backlinks using google console links don’t count for search engine ranking. They did this because people would post comments in a blog or other forum with links pointing back to themselves generating comment spam and reducing the value of a link.

This idea is explained in the Google Blog

The problem now is how to find blogs that are dofollow.

You want software to find blogs that are dofollow which means that if they link to you, it counts as a link. Blog finding software finds

blogs in the topic that you are interested in and can check for dofollow status. They should also allow for a date of last comment setting because a dormant blog is useless.

4) Social Bookmarking

Wikipedia says that “social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of metadata”. The social bookmarking sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon,, furl and others allow users to indicate approval for articles that they believe are the best on the net and should be publicized. Articles or posts that get a high ranking gain many links and tons of traffic.

Social Bookmarking Software

Software exists that allows groups of people to collaborate on voting for each others quality content. A subscriber receives a list of articles to promote and can in turn submit articles for promotion.

5) Videos

Videos are a new hot way to gain links. There are multiple sites to submit videos to and a program to automate submissions to multiple sites is a great aid.

Video submission software

There is software that automates signing up to video sites, social bookmarking, and social news sites. It also automates submissions of videos to the video sites, social bookmarking sites and social news sites.

There are other programs that automate submissions of videos to a number of video sites. They expedite logins to the sites. They also save common information and fill it in automatically for each selected site. They are similar to the directory and article submission programs.

Some of the programs have members areas and may require a monthly subscription.

SEO Blogging Software

There are 2 problems that all bloggers face. The main problem that they face is the need to produce quality content on a consistent basis. Creating fresh and interesting content is a challenge. Bloggers also need links to rate in the search engines.

Blogs have a special tool for generating links called trackbacks. If you comment on another blog, you send them a pingback and they can approve a link to your site called a trackback.

There are programs that search blogs for articles related to keywords that you provide. They then allow you to easily integrate these articles into your blog and they also set up trackbacks for you so that if the blog that you referred to accepts your trackback you will get a link back to your site. There are videos online that describe their operation in detail.

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