Fun and Creative Easter Baskets For Children

When you think of Easter baskets for children, what immediately comes to mind? A colorful wicker container filled with chocolates, candies, jelly beans and other tooth decaying treats, right? This Easter, create kids and children’s Easter baskets that are fun to give and a joy to receive…without the sugar rush!

Do the children in your life love to draw? Create Easter baskets full of art and coloring supplies! Choose a wide, roomy basket and fill it with quality crayons, markers, colored pencils, construction paper, Easter themed stencils and coloring books. For painters, you can even add a palette of paints, some brushes and a small easel. Don’t forget the pretty Easter bow to finish it off!

Spring is right around the corner, so how about kids and children’s Easter baskets filled with gardening goodies? In a basket decorated with flowers, you can place potting soil, seeds for flowers and vegetables, child sized gardening gloves, and an easy and fun to read gardening guide.

Lots of children love to help in the kitchen with cooking, so Easter baskets with a cooking theme are sure to thrill the little chefs in your life. Instead of a traditional basket, you can decorate an oversized pot with Easter decorations. Fill the pot with child friendly cook books, easy to use kitchen utensils, and a variety of spices. Include easy to cook ingredients like pasta in fun shapes.

Does your child have a favorite activity? Load up kids and children’s Easter baskets with the things they love the most. Themes include karate, soccer, dancing, singing, and much more. Stickers, books, videos and other items highlighting the favorite activity can fill a colorful Easter basket.

For children who have been experiencing a long, cold winter, Easter baskets celebrating the spring will be much appreciated. Take a sunny colored basket and fill it with items they can use in the spring such as a ball, a Frisbee, a set of jacks, a set of marbles, a jump rope, chalk and even sunscreen.

Inspire reading this Easter by giving Easter baskets full of reading fun. Create kids and children’s Easter baskets that overflow with books that will interest and excite them. You can even include comic books and favorite magazines. Kids love them, and they count as reading, too!

With the economy on the down swing lately, there are many children who are in need this Easter. Create special Easter baskets that you can donate to children in need. Fill the baskets with healthy treats, soap and toothpaste, small toys and playthings, even a gift card or two to a local supermarket. This Greek Easter 2022, you can put smiles on the faces of children and their parents with Easter baskets that bring necessities and care.

When it comes down to it, kids and children’s Easter baskets with special themes are creative and fun. And they last much longer, and are much healthier, than a basket full of chocolate and candy. Make Easter themed baskets a holiday tradition. You will see how children will eagerly look forward to seeing what each year’s theme will bring!